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The title was given to Duncan by the pupils of Inversnaid primary school due to his work with the pupils to show them birds and their life circle including the annual RSPB’s Big Garden Watch.

Strathyre is the first village in the Highlands of Scotland and can boast of accommodating a rich abundance of wildlife.

Duncan has devoted many years studying the birds, insects, and variety of wildlife to be spotted around the village and our surrounding area.

How you can help??

It is hoped visitors and local residents will add their own sighting information if not on Duncan's lists below but the species would need to be verified, ideally with supporting photographs if possible. 


Duncan joined Natural Research (Projects) in March 2009 and was employed as a full-time Field Ecologist.


In that role, he undertook generic day to day and focussed species surveys, mainly in Central Scotland and Argyll. Duncan’s time with NRP also included commercial research into the impact of wind farms on the red kite population of central Scotland, involving radio tracking red kites and conducting searcher and carcass removal trials to estimate rates of turbine strikes.

As for all NRP field staff, Duncan successfully completed a range of training courses, including rock climbing, first aid, and height-distance estimation.

Duncan previously worked for the Woodland Trust Scotland and then for the RSPB for nine years in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park at Inversnaid Reserve. He was also RSPB’s red kite officer in Central Scotland when he was involved in radio telemetry and individual kite survival monitoring.

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Over the years, he has also worked on a wide range of other bird species including tree sparrow, pied flycatcher, capercaillie, peregrine, white-tailed eagle, and black grouse. black grouse work involved monitoring and finding lek sites, and monitoring deer fences for bird strikes.


He has also been involved with golden eagle protection watches. Mammal survey experience includes feral goat, red fox, and red deer. 

As a Strathyre resident and wildlife observer of 20 years, Duncan suggests the bird list below may enhance residents' and visitors' experience of the local flora and fauna, highlighting what it may be possible to see in our local area. Many of the species can be seen from the village itself, 2 are now locally extinct (capercaillie and willow tit) and 3 species are rare visitors.

Local bird and butterfly species of the Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, and Strathyre areas are listed below. Any future additions to the list would be welcome.



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