Items for Sale / Items wanted

The Smart Village Portal has two new areas added, Items for sale and Items wanted. These are included under the banner title of NEWS. To post your Items for sale or items wanted, please follow the simple instructions below:

Go to the NEWS tab on the main menu, select the category - For Sale or Wanted

1. Log onto the portal with your e.mail and a PW at the small box on the For Sale or Wanted Page, once

registered, you can continue.

2. Add a catchy Title up to 100 characters

3. Below this, add details of your item for sale or what item that you are looking for in the Wanted page. (Remember to add the price and a means of contacting you.)

4. Add an image of your item for sale

5. The final step is to select "publish"

Thats it! Good luck.

Please ensure items that are offered for sale are in working order to save disappointment or return requests.

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