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Flood alert

Stirling Council have issued the following flood alert on Friday 5th February:

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The council are anticipating heavy rain and snowmelt, SEPA have issued a Flood Alert for Central. Please be prepared for the potential of flooding.

Please note that 2 pallets of sand bags have been placed outside the gates of the Callander and Springkerse roads depots for emergency use. If you require to collect these please adhere to Scottish Government covid guidance for FACTS.

For flood forecasting and flood warning information, as well as live flooding updates, please refer to the SEPA website https://www.sepa.org.uk/environment/water/flooding/

For information on council river gauges and advice on how to prepare for flooding please refer to Stirling Council’s website https://www.stirling.gov.uk/planning-building-the-environment/flooding/river-levels/

For further advice of flooding and what to do in the event of a flood please refer to the Scottish Flood forum’s website https://scottishfloodforum.org/

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