Back to the "new normal" gradually with help

Updated: May 26, 2020

It's so easy in this strange world of lockdown and social/self isolation to become distracted by what's going on politically in our world. Despite the gloom, there are of course some good things happening here in Scotland that allows for some cautious optimism as we view the future.

Smart Village Scotland has held a long term vision on how to deliver improved, better informed, better connected and happier communities.

There are many routes to information on a huge range of social media platforms with various degrees of complexity. The platform is not the key thing, it's the fact that we are able to keep in touch with work, friends, family and information, especially at this time of lockdown, self isolation and home working that is important. Now that we face a gradual and cautious easing of restrictions, thoughts turn to restarting work, if not back there already.

There are the "dark times" when anxiety and stress can take effect, when you think about the uncertain times ahead for you, your family, your job or business. We are all human and each one of us has varying levels of concern. This is very understandable and normal.

We are pleased to offer some help.

One of the very important benefits of the Smart Village model is the support infrastructure it enjoys through its partner organisation GrowBiz, where a team of dedicated facilitators is available to help in these difficult times. This support is FREE to our Smart Village Members but can extend to the wider business community as friendly help when it's needed.

The GrowBiz team is able to offer qualified help on a very wide work area covering, self employed, sole traders, artisans, small and medium enterprises, farmers, and all other business owners in Rural Scotland. Help can cover everything from managing stress and anxiety, to book-keeping and tax advice, funding options, paying the bills, training on conferencing like Zoom, using Excel and Powerpoint, Marketing and e.Commerce, new routes to market, plus so much more. They can even be a virtual shoulder to lean on when things get really tough.

As the lockdown restrictions gradually and cautiously start to ease through phase 1 from Friday 29th May, a "New Normal" awaits, which will be quite different from how things were back three months ago. The changes will be gradually phased in.

Don't suffer or worry about this alone, help is available to guide you on your journey with helpful advice and guidance to consider when you are able and ready to start to operate again. If you are already back at work in rural Scotland and facing difficulties, Growbiz are happy to offer support.

The Smart Village model has received recognition from Scottish Government and Visit Scotland as an effective tool to help in the recovery of Scotland's rural economy and rural tourism.

The GrowBiz team is available to help and all you need to do is pick up a phone and dial 01828 627 790 or email: and someone will call you to offer support.

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