This section of the Smart Village Portal aims to highlight examples of Technological initiatives present within the Strathyre, Balquhidder and Lochearnhead area. Technology may include Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology or simple monitoring through sensors or CCTV systems. Leading the way in this Technological area is the Balquhidder Community Broadband Project known as the Gigabit Glen.


Introduction by Richard Harris JULY 2, 2019  

Just as the rest of the world discovers 5G mobile networks (which is a whole other story), we finally have 4G coverage in the Balquhidder area. That is on the EE network, and via their new masts that were installed for the new Emergency Services Network (and don’t get us started on THAT). 

So, if you’re thinking of moving to EE to take advantage of this, be aware that there are a few things to consider:

  1. The network locally, as in many rural areas, runs at 800MHz, a lower frequency than most 4G networks (including most of the rest of EE’s). That has two effects – it reaches further (good) and has a lower data bandwidth (less good). Anywhere else, your phone will automatically choose whichever frequency is available. At Stronvar, I’m getting about 5Mb/s download and 2-3Mb/s upload indoors and about 5Mb/s both ways out of doors.

  2. It’s 4G only, which means that you either have 4G or nothing – unlike other places, it doesn’t fall back to 3G when you run out of 4G coverage. Again, that’s only an issue where a base station is 4G only, such as in the glen. This means that there may be some dead patches in the glen, particularly heading up towards Monachyle Mhor – I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet.

  3. Latency is ridiculously bad here – around 650ms and about 10x worse than it should be – which could cause problems for some online services. I have no idea why that’s the case – there’s no good reason for it

  4. If you buy an EE SIM for your phone, EE doesn’t automatically configure your account/SIM for the 800MHz network, so it appears that you have no coverage. It takes a call to EE support to get this sorted.


There’s no sign yet of Vodafone or O2 getting their act together on 4G for the local area yet, despite the latter putting in for planning consent several years ago. So if you need data coverage when you’re away from your broadband’s Wi-Fi and the coverage works for you, EE seems currently to be the only game in town. 

Further details can be found on the Balquhidder Community Broadband Website

Strathyre Emergency Response Team


Strathyre has its own Emergency Response Team which serves the community during Emergencies such as Flooding or other weather-related emergencies. The Emergency Team has a plan with set procedures but is not geared around a Pandemic situation such as what we face at the present time. Members of the Emergency response team are already active in the community assisting with local provision deliveries and this may continue for some time.

The Emergency Team was initially set up to manage the risks of localized flooding and following a study and consultancy by a team member, Stirling Council has provided a River Level Monitoring facility in River Balvaig at Strathyre and also 2 miles upstream at Stronslaney. The river level monitoring also features a Web-based application allowing the members of the response team to access web-based charts to observe the levels in the river Balvaig and the potential for low lying areas to be impacted by flooding.


The river level monitoring system was a concept originally designed by Kenny Higgins as MD Island Communications that was enhanced with his move to HydroLogic. It consists of a Hydrostatic pressure sensor placed in the river bed and calibrated through a micro pipe to the nearby logger unit (Frog) which collates the readings and sends the data. This is then presented on the Graph system with its trigger facility to broadcast Text messages to registered recipients.

The graphs update levels at 15-minute intervals to show the condition, this is especially helpful during the hours of darkness when visual awareness is more difficult. The system is complemented by Text Messaging to members of the response team and others at potential risk should river levels reach specific trigger points.

The Graph shows a 4 week view of the river Balvaig at Stronslaney where a level rise of almost 3 metres was recorded on 8th March
Futher details:


MARCH 6, 2020 RICHARD Harris

Two Worlds has successfully completed the first phase of an R&D project with Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), funded by the UK’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) programme.

The project’s goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of a service to provide a single point of advice to support anyone planning activities that affect the natural environment, to help them understand the environmental impact of their proposal, to advise them on what they could do to mitigate any impact and to outline what consents and processes they’d then need to follow. It will also be possible, over time, to build a dynamic picture of the impact of human activity on the natural environment by a wide range of measures, including climate impacts.


The project took a two-pronged approach: researching the needs of the potential users of the system and identifying the range, quality and accessibility of the available data sources. 

We were then able to integrate, filter and present a wide range of data sources, including – for starters – current and historical scientific data, biological databases, planning and management data and climate records, discovering and pulling out the data that was relevant to any given location and activity.

With Phase 1 completed, we are already pursuing other commercial and collaborative opportunities that have arisen from or been inspired by this project: exactly the sort of outcomes for a developing business that SBRI was set up to facilitate.



The project was carried out across three countries and two continents, from Two Worlds’ premises in the Scottish Highlands, with development and collaboration enabled by the transformational hyperfast fibre network provided by Balquhidder Community Broadband, a project founded by the principal of Two Worlds..


About Two Worlds:

Two Worlds, established in 1999, is an AI research consultancy and incubator, specialising in complex, adaptive systems. The strategies and and technologies we develop help bring together knowledge that helps us make sense of our physical and virtual worlds, by integrating, contextualising, analysing and responding to complex, diverse and ever-changing data. This can include corporate and public databases, web searches, social media, individual documents and media of all kinds, IoT (Internet of Things) device networks and drones, augmented and mixed reality (xR) systems and remote sensing services, as well as engagement with the original data handling technology: Actual Human Beings. 

Further Information:  For further information, please contact: Richard Harris, Email:

Link to the project page click here

Technology Notes

The technology at the heart of the project is udu, a next-generation, data fusion and intelligence platform. udu is a biologically inspired (biomimetic) system that supports a population of thousands of tiny application fragments (known as nano-apps).


These nano-apps work like a natural ecosystem: they organise themselves around problems and queries presented to them, creating an ultimately adaptive system capable of helping discover not just what you knew to ask for, but to also to provide what you need to know about a problem, but wouldn’t know to ask in the first place.

For this project we’ve extended udu’s core capability with geospatial analysis features, added intelligent data-handling for the classes of data we’ve used and created a proof-of-concept client framework, all based on open standards and modern ‘best practice’ in software engineering.

Global technology from rural Scotland…

E. Car Charging facilities


With the environmental drive towards

Electric Cars, Strathyre has now been

equipped with Two x Two-point charging

pods. These are located in the Centre of

the village in the Strathyre Village shop

Car Park.


Further charging points are planned

in the village.

Charging facilities also exist throughout our local area

Strathyre Car Park Village Shop Car Park
Main Street Strathyre Stirling FK18 8NA

4 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 Mennekes Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland

Monachyle Mhor Hotel 2 Strathview Balquhidder,
Lochearnhead Stirling FK19 8NY

2 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 MennekesCharge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland

Clachan Cottage Hotel Clachan Cottage Hotel Lochside A85
Lochearnhead Stirling FK19 8PU

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes

Abbotsford Lodge Stirling Road
Callander Stirling FK17 8DA

2 x 11kW 16A Tesla Type 2Tesla Destination

Station Road Car Park Station Road
Callander Stirling FK17 8DT

1 x  43kW 63A  Type 2 Mennekes
1 x  50kW 125A  JEVS (CHAdeMO)
1 x  50kW 125A  CCS (Combo)Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Station Road 1 Station Road
Callander Stirling FK17 8AN

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 MennekesCharge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland

Loch Tay Highland Lodges Milton Morenish
Killin, Stirling FK21 8TY 

2 x 11kW 16A Tesla Type 2 Tesla Destination

Main Street Monomer Car Park
Killin Stirling FK21 8UT

1 x  43kW 63A  Type 2 Mennekes
1 x  50kW 125A  JEVS (CHAdeMO)
1 x  50kW 125A  

CCS (Combo)Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Charge Your Car, Charge Place Scotland

Taymouth Marina Kenmore
Aberfeldy Perth and Kinross
PH15 2HW

1 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 Mennekes
2 x 7kW 32A Tesla Type 2Tesla Destination


Mains of Taymouth Country Estate Mains of Taymouth
Kenmore, near Aberfeldy
Perth and Kinross PH15 2HN

6 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 Mennekes  E.ON Drive

Comrie Croft Braincroft
A85 Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 4JZ

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 MennekesCharge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland

Dunalastair Hotel Suites 1 The Square
Pitlochry Perth and Kinross PH16 5PW

1 x 11kW 16A Tesla Type 2 Tesla Destination


Allt Mor HydroLochgarry House
Perth and Kinross
PH16 5PD2 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 Mennekes Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Knock Castle Hotel & Spa 40 Drummond Terrace
Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 4AN

1 x 7kW 32A Tesla Type 2 Tesla Destination


Aberfeldy Moness Terrace Car Park Moness Terrace
Aberfeldy Perth and Kinross PH15 2AF

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes
1 x  43kW 63A  Type 2 Mennekes
1 x  50kW 125A  JEVS (CHAdeMO)
1 x  50kW 125A  CCS (Combo )Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


King Street Car ParkKing Street
Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 4DE

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 Mennekes
2 x  43kW 63A  Type 2 Mennekes
2 x  50kW 125A  JEVS (CHAdeMO)
2 x  50kW 125A  CCS (Combo)Charge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Crieff Hydro HotelStrathearn House
Fearntower Road
Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 3LQ

4 x  22kW 32A Type 2 MennekesCharge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Crieff Hospital King Street
Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 3HR

2 x  22kW 32A Type 2 MennekesCharge Your Car, ChargePlace Scotland


Inverardran B&B A85 Crianlarich
Crianlarich Stirling FK20 8QS

1 x  7kW 32A  Type 2 Mennekes Other

Fendoch Guest House Sma’ Glen
Crieff Perth and Kinross PH7 3LW

1 x  3kW 16A  Type 2 Mennekes
1 x  3kW 16A  Type 1 YazakiZap-Work


Further Updates on use of Technology within the Strathyre Balquhidder and Lochearnhead area will feature on this section.  Contributions are warmly welcomed